Welcome to my Small Pantry!

Small Pantry means many things for me. While it’s primarily a space for sharing recipes, it’s also an exploration of what it means to feed ourselves well. It’s about finding that romantic sweet spot where everyday comfort food can be both cozy and elegant.

Hello! My name is Julia, and for the last 10+ years I’ve been working professionally as a chef, cooking teacher, and recipe developer for award-winning cookbooks, magazines, and TV shows. I created Small Pantry in order to have a place to collect the many recipes I’ve developed over the years, both as a personal reference and as a way to easily share with others. That original purpose has stayed the same, but I’ve also begun a journey of self-exploration: after more than 10 years cooking other people’s food, I wanted to slow down and better connect with my own style in the kitchen.

Here you will find recipes inspired by simple ingredients and a minimal but carefully stocked pantry. This isn’t a traditional food blog — I promise I won’t bore you with meandering life stories before each recipe. Each post aims to give you helpful tips and explanations, so that you know why a recipe works, how to adapt it, and generally what to expect from it. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you’ll stay and noodle around for a while!

Small Pantry is not a strictly Vegetarian or Vegan recipe site, but most recipes are either already vegetarian or vegan, or easily adapted to be vegetarian/vegan. There are also a growing number of pescatarian and gluten-free recipes.

The recipes on Small Pantry are all my own, but I will always make my inspiration and sources clear. Each one goes through a rigorous testing and editing process (the same as if I were publishing them in a book or magazine), but unlike a fully-staffed test kitchen it’s just me, myself, and I — from start to finish. If you follow a recipe as-written and it didn’t go to plan, drop me a comment and I’ll help you troubleshoot!

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